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Ms. Nora Byrne, Calmar and Mr. Maurice Buckley, CEO, NSAI pictured at the launch of the ISO Standard 29990


The new ISO Standard for Learning Services Providers was officially launched in Ireland by Mr. Maurice Buckley, CEO, NSAI. The launch took place in the Carlton Hotel, Dublin Airport following the Trainers Network Conference on 5th November, 2010. Pictured are Mr. Buckley with Ms. Nora Byrne of Calmar who was a member of the international working group which developed the new standard. This development took three years with representatives from over a dozen countries contributing including Germany, USA, Japan, Australia and Ireland.
Copies of the standard are available for purchase from the NSAI.


The Trainers Network Conference took place on the 5th November, 2010 in the Carlton Hotel, Dublin Airport. a selection of photographs taken at the conference can be accessed here

Photographs taken by David McAuley Photography


Calmar International is the strategic partner in the operation of the Trainers Network The Trainers Network provides a forum for Trainers to share learning and experience in relation to best professional practice, recent innovations, quality standards and continuing professional development in personal and business development.


(1) DIALE - Deep Learning Through Dialogue

(2) TEAM Partnership Project


Calmar International is the Irish partner on a Leonardo da Vinci programme entitled E Learning for All. The other partners are from Czech Republic, Estonia, Romania and Portugal.

E-learning for all based on empowerment of local networking

The F@do methodology was developed to provide equal rights to training in order to increase social and professional skills for employment and ensure the access to the Information Society for people who are economically, socially and educationally disadvantaged.

E-Learning for All - the F@do methodology is a good and innovative solution to promote opportunities for those individuals whose social and economic circumstances could be improved by using empowering learning methodologies and resources.

The project website can be accessed here


The F@do methodology was developed in Portugal and is being used in several different contexts where social innovative solutions are needed e.g. County Councils, VEC�s, Community Groups and prisons, etc.

F@do methodologies provide practical tools to manage:

  • The whole training cycle (survey, organization, development, evaluation)
  • Collaboration and networking among local partnerships.
  • Use of a blended learning process (instructional design, e-tutoring, e-evaluation) in the socio-economic development of the beneficiaries.

Project Aim:

To transfer and adapt an innovative elearning methodology based on local partnerships and also on empowering the learning process to make it more attractive and useful to groups at risk. It will facilitate equal access to qualifications and soft skills for employment.


To transfer and adapt an innovative elearning methodology for disadvantage people, based on local partnerships and on more attractive empowering learning process to adults with lack of motivation for learning, helping in the equal access to qualifications and soft skills for employment.

To involve different stakeholders in a learning process, centred on trainees particularities and also on labour market needs (special requests from local companies).

To persuade regional and national policymakers for the advantages of the F@DO methodology involving them in the project's activities and debates.

To promote empowering learning environments where trainees (groups at risk) can have a voice in the whole learning cycle.

Potential Outcomes:

  • Established infrastructures of collaborating agencies, stakeholders, NGO�s and local support groups, by working in partnership, with local communities, local actors and companies.
  • Trainees (especially groups at risk) can acquire, through attractive e-learning methodologies, technical skills and knowledge (and qualifications) and also soft skills to improve employability or self employment.
  • Empower trainees to be a part of the training conception and organisation (tailor made solutions putting the learner in the centre of the learning process)
  • Personal tutoring e.g. a mentor - the use of local people to become personal tutors to each trainee in risk to avoid drop outs.
  • Assessment and evaluation processes to facilitate the continuation of the F@DO methodology in Ireland.

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