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Project Management

Calmar International Ltd.  |  Training Consultancy   Project Management   Publishing We have 20 years experience in the management of many varied projects, we structure and define a project in terms of manageable stages for more accurate planning.

We manage the project from start to finish :-


Examples of National Projects:

Management and Administration for:-

  • Trainers Network, a Resource for Facilitators of Learning Ltd.
  • Trainers Network National Conference "My Future,My Success" November 2010 Conference Slideshow
  • Development of Core Competencies for Trainers
  • Skillnet Project Management
  • Training Providers Competency Skillnet
  • International Conference Management

International Projects

European Union:

Project co-ordinator for

  • Leonardo da Vinci / Life Long Learning Projects Equal Initiative

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Research and Development


Research in Vocational and Educational Training



Trainers Network

We have conducted major pieces of research over the past years.

An example is work on behalf of CEDEFOP entitled A preliminary study on the current state of e-learning in lifelong learning in Germany, Finland, Spain, Slovakia and the UK (2006). It is currently available in three languages through the CEDEFOP website. In collaboration with our European colleagues, we conduct research into the VET profession on several topics, such as recognition of informal and nonformal learning; competence framework for VET professions, mentoring and incompany and Leadership in VET.

In collaboration with the Trainers Network we conducted research into the Core Competencies for Trainers and was actively involved in publishing the report titled Assuring World Class Competencies for Trainers.

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International Standards Organisation

Expert on Technical Committee for development of ISO 29990 – Learning services for non-formal education and training basic requirements for service providers. Scope: The standard specifies basic requirements for learning services and for providers of learning services in non-formal education and training.

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