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Trainers Evaluation and Assessment Tools

Calmar International are partners with representatives from Portugal, Austria, Germany and France in a Leonardo da Vinci Partnership project funded by the EU. 

The partners are:

1.      ISQ Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade, Portugal 
2.      IRFA Sud Institut Régional de Formation des Adultes, France
3.      CALMAR Calmar International Ltd, Ireland
4.      GEWERKSTATT Bochum, Germany
5.      BEST Vienna, Austria

The final report - "Common Guidelines - Framework for Evaluation Trainers" can be downloaded here

The project ran from October 2011 to July 2013 and its objectives were:-

  • To create a peer learning partnership to improve european and national tools and methods to assess trainers performance, as a way of measuring the quality assurance in VET (EQAVET)
• EQAVET is a community of practice bringing together Member States, Social Partners and the
European Commission to promote European collaboration in developing and improving quality
assurance in VET by using the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework.

  • To collect best practices on trainers assessment and certification/qualification and create a framework for further national and european recommendations.
Activities :-

  • One workshop per country, with the participation of project partners, national trainers and VET professionals/promoters. The aim of the workshops is to promote the exchange of best practices related to trainers performance assessment as a critical aspect to the improvement of quality in VET. The workshops will be structured in 2 parts:
• 1 thematic visit to a local/national VET organisation followed by
roundtable discussion;

• Practical demonstrations on trainers assessment methodologies
and tools.

  • Create a common report integrating national guidelines about trainers performance assessment as a a critical aspect to improvement of quality in VET.

There have been four meetings to date with the last being held in Dublin in March 2013
The final meeting will be in Germany in June 2013 at which time the final report will be agreed.  A grid has been developed that describes the evaluation criteria which could be used as a tool for the evaulation of trainers.  The headings are:

  1. TOOL e.g. Evaluation of a providers Quality Assurance System
  2. WHY  e.g. To evaluate the quality assurance system in operation by Training Providers
  3. WHEN e.g. When training providers wish to provide accredited training programmes
  4. WHO   e.g. QQI in Ireland
  5. BRIEF DESCRIPTION e.g. A company must outline their procedures for :- Communications; Equality; Staff Recruitment and Development; Programme Development; Fair and Consistent Assessment of Learners etc.
  6. EVALUATION CRITERIA e.g. Work Ethics

At the meeting in March 2013 the TEAM partners agreed the following :-

Trainer Competencies identified by the TEAM Project Partners

Social and Personal Competencies :-

Listening and Communication Skills at all Levels

o       Presentation Skills

Motivational Skills

Personal Development

Work Ethic

o       Critical Thinking, Loyalty, Follow a Code of Practice

Business Competencies :-

Understanding the Changing Nature of Work (Locally & Globally)

Commercial Acumen & Business Strategy Management

o       Organisation Development & Effectiveness

Networking, Information & Communication Technology

Project Management – Leading the Learning Function


Technical :-

Identification of Training Needs ( Including Equality and Diversity )

Understanding Training Methodologies

o       A Trainer should be a subject matter expert both practically and theoretically

Training Assessment and Evaluation of Learning ( including the Trainer )

Designing Learning Aims and Objectives


Note: The above should apply to both the Private Trainer and the In-company Trainer

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